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Fanni Mobtaker is a national competition that is held by Ideaspace and Eteisal with the partnership of Ministry of Education and Technical Education, USAID with support of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

The competition is held in all of Egypt, in (Alexandria, Monufia, Sharqia, Gharbia, Port said, Red sea, Aswan, Ismailia, Damietta, Faiyum, Beni Suef) having participants from all of the technical education schools in those governorates, giving the chance to these young minds.

The competition consists of four stages (applying, filtration, pre-final, closing ceremony), and the main Aim of the four stages, is to provide the needed help to 100 idea & project, to create a prototype and the first ranks in all of the stages will receive fund that reach 1,500,000 LE, to enable them to start their business and compete in the market.


1 March 21 March

20 April 28 April

30 April 31 August
Closing ceremony

1 August 2 October

The competition standards

  • The idea should be new & innovative.
  • The project should add value to the society or to the users.
  • To be applicable.
  • To be reasonable.
  • To have clear target audience.
  • The team diverse in mindsets & specialties with what suits the main projects.
  • The team should consist from 2 to 4 members.

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Ideapoints are small co-working spaces including tools and equipment’s, that help the youth especially those in technical education schools, to plan & create ideas and transform them into real prototypes & projects.

There are 10 existing ideapoints in different governorates in Egypt, including Alexandria, Port said, Red sea, Aswan, Ismailia and these ideapoints were established by ideaspace with the partnership of USAID, and we consider this project is still in growing stage, with the aim of increasing the number of the ideapoints to cover more technical schools in other governorates.

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