ASRT is hosting Fanni Mobtaker competition at 6th Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation.


To complete the journey of the success, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is hosting the students of Fanni Mobtaker competition from 24 to 25 October in 6th Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation at CIEC.

A number of ministers, investors, business men, banks, international community organizations and nearly 1000 exhibitors from Egypt, Arab, European and African countries.

The participants represented section of technical education students in the exhibition, 18 teams in the 3 tracks of the competition, industrial track, hotel and agricultural track, renewable energy and logistics track, the students had presented their projects to nearly 7000 visitors who are interested in scince and technology.

The objectives of the exhibition coincide with the objectives of the competition, as the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology believes in the importance of Egyptian society living in learning environment to support the idea of the innovation among children and youth from an early age, therefore, the two sides are putting big efforts to support innovation and establish this supportive environment to help the Egyptian society and economy.