Completion of the biggest boot- camp for technical education students in Egypt.


The biggest training boot- camp for technical education students in Egypt was launched and completed, and the participating students went through various stages in the competition, aiming to achieve their dreams and reach the finals, to compete for the first position in the competition.

The enthusiasm and diligence of the students have emerged to achieve this goal through the camp and through their prototypes, which was an outstanding proof of the success of their ideas and that they have worked thoroughly, and notable development of their skill in presenting and marketing their products that appeared in front of the judging panel in the semi-finals.

As for the results of the semifinal stage are scheduled to be announced within days, only 15 teams will qualify for the final stage, having 5 teams in each track, the industrial track, the hotel and agricultural track and the track of renewable energy and logistics.

The qualified teams up to the next stage of the competition have to challenge themselves even harder by making more effort, to compete for the first positions in each track, to deserve the support and incubation by the Academy of Scientific Research, to transform their ideas into project producing a real outcome from their dedication and work on the ground and see its success concretely.

The students will present their ideas again in front of the judging panel, as for the winners they will be determined at the closing ceremony as the final stage of the competition, which will be held on the 16th of October, by crowning the best ideas in each track.