Start of training workshops and the actual participation of students in the competition


Many people look at technical education students as inefficient and inferior to the rest of the students, despite the wrong perspective and societal image of students of technical education and underestimating their abilities, these students presented an astonishing and innovative ideas that enabled them to qualify to the second phase of the competition, they will receive training and be qualified to implement their ideas, and how to manage their project, workshops are scheduled to start on 28 August in different governorates, and will be hold for five consecutive days.

Students will be trained in 11 governorates participating in the competition for five days, the training will begin in Alexandria and Aswan in the first day, followed by Al-Sharkia Governorate, Al-Fayoum and Al-Menofia on the second day, the province of Bani Suef, Damietta and Gharbia on the third day, The Red Sea province and Port Said on the fourth day, it is concluded in Ismailia on the fifth day.

Eligible students move to the next phase, a closed five-day camp to implement ideas effectively, this is after they have been qualified according to certain criteria in preparation for the final filtration by which the winners will be identified and who will receive support for the execution their projects on the ground.