High women's participation in Fanni Mobtaker competition 2019


The initial numbers of participation in Fanni Mobtaker Competition 2019 were recognized after filtration phase showing the detailed percentage of those who qualified for the next stage, and the female participation appeared to be almost double the number compared to the previous year, and with distinguished ideas, the number of ladies were equal to the number of men participating in the competition.

Twenty-eight ideas were qualified from Alexandria governorate, 21 from Aswan governorate, 16 from Port Said governorate, 16 from Al Gharbia Governorate, 9 ideas from Ismailia Governorate, 8 ideas from the Red Sea Governorate, 6 ideas from Fayoum Governorate, 5 ideas from Al Sharkia Governorate, 3 ideas from Menofia Governorate, 2 ideas from Bani Suef Governorate and 1 idea from Damietta Governorate.

Dr.Amr Suleiman, the representative of WISE, commented that he is very happy to see the youth secure and develop their future instead of waiting for a governmental job or remain unemployed, and presenting new ideas to society, and the greatest success is not winning, but the change that happened to the participants in their personality and way of thinking.

Islam Mujahed, who is responsible for logistics in the competition, said that the ratio of ladies participating in the competition is almost the double compared to the previous year and that there is an obvious development of ideas, most of them uses solar energy.

ENG/Hesham Wahby, project administrator, said that there is transparency in the competition, each step is implemented is taking into consideration the standards that set by partners, every action is taken with previously defined plan, and 80% of decision-makers do not belong to a specific partner to ensure impartiality, and he explained the role of ideaspace company in the coming period, it will organize training workshops in different governorates to enable the students to develop their idea and implement them into prototypes.

The training of qualified teams in all governorates is scheduled to be held and directed through specialized and trained experts in each field to help students, and to teach them business, leadership and project management, They will then be filtered again according to certain criteria and be supported on one hand to complete the course of the competition and on the other hand to turn their ideas into real projects on the ground.