Starting the filtration process during the current week


Fanni Mobtaker 2019 Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is for Technical Education students, "Mashrouie Bedayty", funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is preparing to begin filtering contestants applications this week.

The next phase of the competition is the filtration process of the applications, which is supervised by all the parties involved in the competition. The process is implemented in three stages, ending with the selection of one hundred and fifty ideas in the three tracks specified for the competition, the industrial track, the hotel and the decorative track and the energy and logistics track. They will be trained and guided to pass the second stage to the final phases of the competition.

The final results of this phase will be announced in June and will be sent to all vocational schools participating in the competition after being approved by the concerned authorities. The final results will be announced to the general public through the channels of Fanni Mobtaker competition.