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ASRT is hosting Fanni Mobtaker competition at 6th Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation.

To complete the journey of the success, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is hosting the students of Fanni Mobtaker competition from 24 to 25 October in 6th Cairo International Exhibition …


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Announcement of the winners of Fanni Mobtaker competition 2019

Fanni Mobtaker competition had reached the end, but the students just started the journey, to achieve their dreams and see it on the ground as their journey will start with The Academy of Scientific …


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The last step towards the dream ..the semi-finals results.

The students have crossed a long way, to reach the final stage of the competition, as they are one step closer to their dream, were waiting for the results of the semifinal eliminations, as the …


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Completion of the biggest boot- camp for technical education students in Egypt.

The biggest training boot- camp for technical education students in Egypt was launched and completed, and the participating students went through various stages in the competition, aiming to achieve …


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Education and Scientific Research making Ebdaa camp for students of technical education at TIEC in Borg El Arab

Technical education is the foundation of the industry of the future, it is, therefore, necessary to create a stimulating environment to support and develop the entrepreneurial system and the …


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Start of training workshops and the actual participation of students in the competition

Many people look at technical education students as inefficient and inferior to the rest of the students, despite the wrong perspective and societal image of students of technical education and …


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High women's participation in Fanni Mobtaker competition 2019

The initial numbers of participation in Fanni Mobtaker Competition 2019 were recognized after filtration phase showing the detailed percentage of those who qualified for the next stage, and the …


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One hundred project ideas qualify for the second phase of Fanni Mobtaker competition

The events area of the Ideaspace Company is hosting the filtration's final phase of the students' forms of Fanni Mobtaker competition and the announcement of the final results on Sunday at 5 pm. One …


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The Academy of Scientific Research hosts a protocol signing ceremony of Fanni Mobtaker competition

A wrong image of Technical Education is rooted in the minds of Egyptian society. Fanni Mobtaker competition, the largest specialized competition in Egypt and the Middle East for innovation and …


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Starting the filtration process during the current week

Fanni Mobtaker 2019 Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is for Technical Education students, "Mashrouie Bedayty", funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology is …


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